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Committee Assignments & Compositions (2016 - 2018)

The National President of AKISAN, Mr. UduakObong Ubon, has approved the following portfolio and committee assignments. The assignments take effect immediately. Portfolio holders and coordinators, as well as committee chairs are directed to liaise with the national secretariat to articulate charters and terms of reference for each portfolio/committee. Additional committee assignments will be announced in due course. The National President is an ex-officio member of all committees.

Note: TBD Members for Emergency Trust Fund (ETF) to be elected by the National Council at the 1st council meeting.

All questions and/or concerns should be directed to the national secretariat.


  • Aniekeme Udofia (National PRO, Chairman)
  • Itoro Akpan-Iquot (Webmaster, Co-Chair)
  • Marshall Umoren (National Secretary, Member)
  • Imeobong Inyang (National Social Secretary, Member)
  • Eugene Okon (Member)
  • Essien Samuel Essien (Member)
  • Bassey Essien (Member)
  • Moses Edem (Member)
  • Henshaw Mbosowo (Member)
  • Ms. Linda Umoh (Member)
  • Becky Austin (Member)
  • Uwem Equan (Member)

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Building & Facilities (Cultural Center Project)

  • Patrick Utin (BOT, Chairman)
  • Mrs. Queensley Udofia (Co-Chair)
  • Hope Umana, Esq (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Sonny Abia (BOT Chair, Member)
  • Helen Ekpoh (National Treasurer, Member)
  • Dr. Mbong Ekiko (Member)
  • Isaiah Etukeren (Member)
  • Ezekiel Etukudoh (Member)
  • Udeme Ekpenyong (Member)
  • Udofia Udofia (Member)
  • Eno Udo (Member)
  • Peter Umoh (Member)

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Education/Scholarship Project

  • Mr. Anietie King (Chairman)
  • Ibanga James (Co-Chair)
  • Prof. Nicholas Umontuen (Member)
  • Dr. Philip Udo-Inyang (Member)
  • Dr. Inemesit Abia (Member)
  • Dr. Isongesit Ibokette (Member)
  • Rev. Fr. Nsikan Ubom (Member)
  • Solomon Usoro (Member)

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Medical Project

  • Dr. Moses Udoh (Chairman)
  • Dr. Utibe Aluyi (Vice Chair)
  • Dr. Nse Ntukidem (Member)
  • Dr. Ndem Ndem (Member)
  • Ms. Itoro Etim (Member)
  • Ms. Elsie Obot (Member)
  • Dr. Ifiok Umoren (Member)
  • Dr. Iboro Akpan (Member)
  • Mrs. Emem Ekpoh (Member)
  • Mrs. Usoro Noah (Member)
  • Mrs. Unyime Usoro (Member)
  • Mr. Idi Idiong Isong (Member)
  • Mr. Idi Idiong Isong (Member)

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Strategic Planning

  • Dr. Philip Udo-Inyang (Chairman)
  • Mr. Victor Mbaba (Vice Chairman)
  • Dr. Sonny Abia (BOT Chair, Member)
  • Aniekeme Udofia (National PRO, Member)
  • Dr. Moses Udoh (Member)
  • Dr. Margaret King (Member)
  • Dr. Peter Umoh (Member)
  • Aniekan Udo (Member)
  • Utibe Udo (Member)
  • Obong Umanah (Member)

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Constitution Review

  • Michael Essien, Esq (Chairman, Ex-National Legal Counsel)
  • Eyo Eyo (Co-Chair)
  • Isong Ekpenyong (BOT Treasurer, Secretary)
  • Edem Andy (BOT Vice Chairman, Member)
  • David Essien, Esq. (National Legal Counsel, Member)
  • Hope Umana, Esq. (Ex-Legal Counsel, Member)
  • Imaobong Iniobong Essien (Member)
  • Mfon Etukeren, Esq. (Member)

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Cultural Committee

  • Dr. Ibanga Ikpe (Chairman)
  • Ima Jackson (Co-Chair)
  • Imeobong Inyang (National Social Secretary, Member)
  • Mrs. Justina Udoh (Member)
  • Mrs. Iyai Umoh (Member)
  • Mrs. Kate Udi (Member)
  • Mrs. Iyai Umoh (Member)

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Convention Planning

  • Tony Ekpoh (Nat'l VP & Chairman)
  • Engr. Bassey Udosen (Chair, Local Organizing C'tee)
  • Itoro Akpan-Iquot (Convention Coordinator)
  • Matilda Mbaba (Chair, Food/Refreshment)
  • Naomi Udosen (Vice-Chair, Food/Refreshment)
  • Archibong Usoro (Chair, Registration)
  • Solomon Usoro (Vice-Chair, Registration)
  • Aniekeme Udofia (Nat'l PRO/Chair, Media/Publicity)
  • Ime Inyang (Nat'l Soc. Director/Vice-Chair, Media/Publicity)
  • Isaiah Etukeren (Chair, Fundraising)
  • Dr. Sonny Abia (Vice-Chair, Fundraising)
  • Sir Uwem Ekpo (Chair, Transporation/Logistics)
  • Ubong Ekpo (Vice-Chair, Transporation/Logistics)
  • Marshall Umoren (Nat'l Secretary/Chair, Protocol)
  • Obonganwan Iniobong Ikpe (Vice-Chair, Protocol)
  • Ekereobong Umoh (Chair, Security)
  • Ubong Usoro (Vice-Chair, Security)
  • Gentleman Itah Etim-Edet (Chair, Hospitality/Events)
  • Idorenyin Okpok (Vice-Chair, Hospitality/Events)
  • Eugene Okon (Member)

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Youth Affairs

  • Aniekeme Udofia (National PRO, Chairman)
  • Isang Udoekwere (Youth Vice President, Co-Chair)
  • Imaobong Umoren (Ex-AKISAN USA, Member)
  • Ugwem Eneyo (Ex-Miss AKISAN USA, Member)
  • Esther Inyang (Ex-Miss AKISAN USA, Member)
  • Ubong Sebastian Ikpe (Member)
  • Ndifreke Okon (Member)
  • Ubong Ekwere (Member)
  • Mfon Esshiet (Member)
  • Dennis Ubom (Member)

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Akwa Ibom Unity/Consultative Committee

  • Essien Samuel Essien (Chairman)
  • Isaiah Etukeren (Co-Chair)
  • Akparawa Essien Isong (Member)
  • Mfon Umanah (Member)
  • Christopher Ekpoudom (Member)
  • Dr. Joseph Akpan (Member)
  • Edet Udofia (Member)
  • Chris Oduok (Member)
  • Sylvanus Okon (Member)
  • Victor Ekpuk (Member)
  • Ezekiel Ette (Member)
  • Michael Essien, Esq. (Ex-Legal Counsel, Secretary)
  • Dr. Peter Umoh (Member)
  • Chris Oyobio (Member)
  • Eric Okon (Member)

Please Note: TBD Members for ETF to be elected by national Council at the 1st council meeting.

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